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Re: tshirts the FINL lowdown...if you want one read on!!

hey there...

got your order

the cost does make sense ..in that postage will be at least $2 possibley
more..an audio tape is like $2 ..and those far away orders will cost more ..so
thus it evens out ..

anyhow the leftover money will be donated like i said.. 

and instead of mailing it i think ill arrange a meeting for all metro buyers so
they can just pick theirs up..tell me if this is a problem..


btw : tshirts will also have a small red arrow next to your address on the back

so they can tell its you :)

jonathan dacey

6305 almon st.
halifax nova scotia
B3L 1V1

(902) 455-6195


send yer $10 as soon as possible ..
            the sooner i  get the cash the sooner you get the shirts :)