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tshirts the FINL lowdown...if you want one read on!!

hey there...

ok here it is ..the final as far as i can see it lowdown on the sloannet

what will it be:

sloannet in the old smeared sloan logo on the front with james's address below

sloannet in red

address in black...

on the back will be the names and addresses of those people who are going to
buy one ..in black and a sutably computery font...or plain text...


tshirts cost 4$4.95 each to buy...

ink costs $10 or so..we need 2 colours (black and red ) so itll be around
$20 for supplies unless we need more ink...

shipping for each shirt will be around $2 i believe..

so in all the cost to you is $10 ..this covers the shirt the ink and the
shipping to you..

how to order:

we need a list of how many people are going to actually pay $10 for one so if
you want one please please email me by friday...

in the msg stae that you are going to but one... your email address ....your
snail address and what size tshirt you are going to want...

you can have any size ...small, medium , large, and extra large ....last time i
did this it was no problem to get mixed amounts of each...

when youll get your shirt:

ok once ive got all the email addresses  i will need peoples money so the
shirts and supplies can be bought ...

so once i recieve your msg saying you want one ..ill write you and tell you
where to send the cash ..

once i get enough cash to buy the shirts i will start making them ...

so if i get veryones name buy friday ... i can hopefully get the cash by the
following friday and then make the shirts (which will hopefully only take a day
or so) so ideally you can have your shirt in 4 weeks from now ...

remember that the shirts are WHITE!!!! i cannot print on any dark colours with
this ink!! so the shirts will have to be white unless you want yellow or
something equaly gross..but coloured shirts cost more and thus the cost gets
messed up...

so no coloured shirts...sorry...

ok i hope all this makes sense ..please email me personally if you have any
questions ..and no more NET DISCUSSION!! ...

so stat sending me you nmaes  keeners!!