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Re: tshirts the FINL lowdown...if you want one read on!!

}tshirts cost 4$4.95 each to buy...
}ink costs $10 or so..we need 2 colours (black and red ) so itll be around
}$20 for supplies unless we need more ink...
}shipping for each shirt will be around $2 i believe..
}so in all the cost to you is $10 ..this covers the shirt the ink and the
}shipping to you..

I don't quite agree with your math (hey, you're an art student :) but $10 
is still a good round number.  I also wonder if it's necessary to include 
shipping when the locals can pick theirs up, but I'll pay anyway.

XL please,
Andrew P. Rodenhiser <RODENHISER\!/CHEM1.CHEM.DAL.CA>
Department of Chemistry, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS B3H 4J3 

If you're gonna mail it, my office mailbox is bigger than my apartment 
mailbox :)

Otherwise, maybe we can save cash for the Amies/Prizewinners etc. and 
arrange a pickup date for the locals.