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Sort of reviews of lesser known East Coast magical rock bands

Hey kids,

Got a *few* things to say here...first, Junos schmunos...

Second, it's totally wicked to seek out East Coast music by your favorite 
bands via sloan net...but you know what's even better?? :) Checking out 
the stuff that sloan net kids themselves are putting out. You might be a 
little apprehensive at first, because after all, they aren't on murder or 
cinnamon toast and no one has ever heard of them...I'm not trying to dis 
murder bands or ct bands, cause you know I love them to death. I just 
would like to encourage everyone here to contact the kids behind some of 
the lesser known, less appreciated bands. Your ears will thank you for 
this magical music.

If you aren't particularly interested in my reaction to some of the music 
put out by these bands, then by all means do not read on. If however, you 
have yet to hear these bands and want to have indie cred ;)...read on, 
especially if you haven't already seen reports on these bands (ie. new 
list members).

After waiting for two months, Catano finally made me my Raleigh Sport's 
Greatest Hits ;) and Prizewinner's Collective (Popularity Contest, Kiss 
Daddy Goodbye, Preppy Relatives, State Champs) mixed tape (with some 
special bonu$ tracks, too) and mailed it off...When I heard Raleigh 
Sport       (now State Champs, version II)               tracks like 
"Simply Stated", "The Powerful Pageant" and "Rotten to the Core", I felt 
the same way I did the first time I heard the Peter EP by Eric's Trip. I 
thought, this isn't *normal* music, this is some very cool weird stuff 
happening here and I should be grateful that I have been allowed to hear 
it. I'm not kidding. The best part of all is that instead of having to 
wish that one day I could talk to the musicians behind the song (ie. the 
way I feel about eric's trip), I already know them, sorta. If you like 
stuff like GOOD Sebadoh, the rockin' Eric's Trip stuff (like "Listen" or 
"I'm so near here", maybe), Pavement (the good quiet stuff that even I 
can stand...), Guided By Voices, or maybe even Superchunk, then please
please please write and ask about this tape. For those who don't know...

Mike Catano - mcatano\!/is.dal.ca
Jon Dacey - sbailly\!/linden.msvu.ca
Mark Mullane - mullanem\!/is.dal.ca

They can all sing. Cool.

You can also read about them in Joey Joey #2...out soon...

The three other bands that appear on the Prizewinner Compilation are 
truly fascinating to listen to. I found myself completely intrigued with 
Emily Duke's lyrics (Popularity Contest) and her sweet but not 
suckylittlegirl voice...(you know, that Juliana Hatfield 
syndrome...yuk). It's wicked to hear a female vocalist being able to sing 
sweetly without appearing childlike. Her voice is very honest. Listmanagerboy 
tells me she doesn't even use a pick when she plays...cool! :) 

email Emily at    af408\!/cfn.cs.dal.ca

Kiss Daddy Goodbye make a lot of fuzzy noise and are soft and harsh all 
at the same time, in both their music and lyrics. I wish I was cool 
enough to think of a band to compare them to, but I can't. Think whispery 
but superdistorted vocals, slow tempo, oh so cool... hmmm, maybe some of 
the really cool and fucked up Sonic Youth songs...

The fourth band on this 8 song compilation is Preppy Relatives. Again, 
think quiet, subtle, gorgeous noise. Wicked low raspy vocals...his vocals 
(I think it's Gord, but it could be Warren...sorry) sort of remind me of the 
same style Al Tuck has in a weird way. Catchy as all hell rhythm.

I mentioned them on Friday, but I'll do it again now. Steaming Toolie. 
Why can't my city have bands this cool playing here? All of Fredricton 
should get down on its knees and just BEG them to stay forever...this 
tape has the strongest, best vocals I've heard on an independent release 
in ages. You know how a lot of bands really rock but you wish they 
could get a real singer?  The Toolie kids have TWO real singers and 
they work well together on each track. This music is challenging
in that it utilizes all kinds of "instruments" (ie. water glasses,
sleigh bells) but it's also accessible in that indie pop kind of 
way, just catchy and wicked. Lots of funny stuff in between songs...sweet 
songs to make you swoon, dirgy noisey stuff for the headbanger inside of 
all us, vocals cooler than a meat locker.

They remind me of what George, John, Paul and Ringo might have been doing 
if they were college kids now...What if Robert Pollard of gbv :) had 
jammed with John?... sweet, addictive, mind altering. Like 
eating too much of your favorite kind of candy, you're going to get 
a wicked buzz in your head but your sticky smile lets everyone know 
how truly happy you are. 

email jon at J1WL\!/unb.ca  and ask nicely for the magical dulse wrapped 
musical delights of steaming toolie.

I know they aren't East Coast, but they deserve a mention cause they'll 
be on the Les Amis Du Sloan tape...b^ehl are delicate and sweet and 
beautiful indie pop, complete with xylophones. check 'em out c/o Matt 
Lazowski of endearing records...


I hope you'll all put out a few dollars and help out your friends cause 
not only is it a wicked thing to do, but these bands are all really worth it!

Thanks to all of them for letting me hear their music. :) :) I love you all.

Have a happy week, sloan net kids! :) :)

check ya,
tara lee
"verbose as fuck"

ps/ Jon was right about the thing re: phoning up some kid on sloan 
net...you might find yourself wondering where this person has been all 
your life. AGT and Sprint Canada are making a killing off me. Just make 
sure to stay off the modem once in a while, right patty? :)

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