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for those of you about to sam...

You Sammy fans out there (a.k.a. Pavement fans), you may be interested
in checking them out on the Jon Stewart show tonight (monday).  it is
on at 1:30 est, but i don't know about you upper canadian kids.  Also,
in a very non-similar vein, Lyle Lovett will be on Jay Leno on Thu
nite.  It's a repeat, but Lyle rules so I thought that you should all

I called Tara Lee Wickanookee on Sat. nite/Sun. morn. and we chatted
for over 2 hours!  I couldn't believe how cool she was, and how badly
she needs to get out here to fulfill her east coast needs.  i say we
start a tara lee fund so she can get her butt out here.  Anyway, i
just wanted to mention that if you've never met or talked to a fellow
sloannetter from another town, you should do it because man, they're
like you.  I couldn't believe how much we had in common, without
having anything in common.  It was like, transcendental, man (oooh,
trop 60's).  So call directory assistance now and get somebody's
number who you think would be cool to talk to.  or just call me.
later kids, and happy monday, too

                                          (506)459 1313