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Just thought i'd post a little review of Mars we Love You's show friday 
night at the birdland...they opened for superfriendz and the inbreds who 
i would write about, but this is getting long...

Mars We Love You (formerly cheerleader, formerly 
Somerdale) played a much more solid, and entertaining set than either of 
the other times which i have seen them.  It seems that they are becoming 
more comfortable on stage and this is clearly reflected in their vocal 
confidence.  You can tell how much fun Joel Plaskett is having on drums.  
His playing is enthusiastic and ambitious, even if a bit overstated.  
Launa Amey (guitar, vocals), Matt Kelly (guitar, occasional vocals), and 
Kristine Anderson (bass, vocals) are the front end of this band, and 
the impression which they left spoke more to the eighties a la Blondie, 
than the range of crunch-rock which presently holds court.  Similarly, 
their lyrics seemed to draw upon icons eighties tv (miami vice and 
battlestar gallactica were incanted shamelessly)  to make their point.  
And, if the point of rock and roll is having fun, then m.w.l.y. are on 
the right track.    

An interesting aside...matt kelly was not going to be able to stay 
for the superfriendz set due to Nova Scotia's regressive liquor liscencing 
laws, so to solve the problem, they had him join them on stage.  He 
played a convincing air-guitar for the entire show.  Chris Murphy was on 
drums, and their back of the stage antics were pretty funny.  

That's what i saw...the inbreds were good too. :)

Mike N.