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thrush hermit _Smart Bomb_ vinyl


mur004 is available on cd, cassette, and vinyl. I have it on the first 
two formats, but I'm just wondering if the EP is 12'' or 7''. It doesn't 
say on the murder release sheet. Anyone have an opinion on that bonus 
track? (which is the reason I'm contemplating picking it up)

Also, anyone know if the Peppermint EP is still available? (of course *I* 
have it... :) ) Some American boy :) told me that he heard it wasn't.

tara lee baby

ps/ I take back all bad things ;) I said about murderecords being slow 
with delivery. It only took 3 weeks for my order to go through. I now 
know it was because of a certain BOY whose name I won't say here but it 
does rhyme with miss nerfy losing my order at his dad's house...or 
so he claims. ;)