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Ok, here's da scoop for today...

Me and my crazy ass friends eric and ed decided to go to this all night 
diner (hugh's fave place to take his new year's eve date ;) ) for some 
fries at 2 am and who do we run into but pete and kuba from The 
Sweaters...hope y'all know this band, they're in Joey Joey number two and 
RAWK (three chords, ya know? west coast style...)...
Anyway, so it looks like The Sweaters are 
also going to be contributing a sloan song to this Les AMis tape... :) :) 
As I'm sure you all know, The Sweaters are IMMENSE sloan fans and love to 
dress up as Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson for Halloween. 

Um, the other thing is kinda bad news. Tara and I are kind of up to our 
neck in requests to be on these tapes. So...sorry, but if you didn't 
email either of us before today (saturday, march 25) we will have to turn 
you down. It's just completely impossible for us to have anymore on this 
tape. So...sorry. :(  We want to do more maybe in the future but for now, 
we have to say Stop the insanity.

If you have already asked to be on the tape, please look for another LES 
AMIS post soon, I will be writing out who should send tapes to which tara 
so that we can just get on with this crazy ass madness.

THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!!!  I can't wait to hear this stuff!!

by the way, if ANYONE has any hints they want to pass on to us re: saving 
money production/distribution wise...please EMAIL one of us personally (I 
repeat, do not post to sloan net, email ME or TARA DA COSTA...) with your 
ideas. I don't think we want to ask any bands to give us money to help 
finance this but if anyone has any experience in this matter, please let 
us know. We're just fans...

stay tuned....

tara lee wickimahookee :)