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On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, Philip Anthony Vanulden wrote:

> 	Okay, here goes. The two guys who put together the compilation of 
> St. John's artists, Danger: Falling Rock, who have given themselves the 
> label Best Dressed Records are ASSHOLES who don't give a fuck about anybody 
> except themselves, and who only care about furthering there own desires. 

  as a Best Dressed Asshole my desires aren't really being fulfilled 
considering the Potmaster release has little to do with me...
as i'm not in the band... plus the fact i don't receive any money
for the work i do!!! (Jon)

> I'm probably going to get shit on and lose a friend or two but I'm only 
> saying it how it is. 

Hey man, let's not blow friendships over this. If you have a problem with
the way we work then maybe you should have expressed it personally to us
before making a post to sloannet.

> 	BDR told the bands, when the project was in the planning stages, 
> that the money made would be used to help out the bands who would want to 
> do other future recordings.

We never mentioned future RECORDINGS, we did however say we would do our best
to help with any future RELEASES by bands appearing on the comp.

> We paid $100 each for the recording and a spot 
> on the comp. Everything seemed to be unfolding in the bands favour.

Not a bad deal as far as I can see. I'd like to see you manage to do an
8 Track ADAT recording for a hundred bucks by yourself, let alone release
it with that money as well.
Most Compilation offers I have received for my bands have involved us 
paying for the recording ourselves and then havbing to pay to appear on 
the comp as well in return for like 10 copies of the comp. Woo Woo what
a deal!

> 	Now, Potmaster, which btw have a wicked song on the comp, will be 
> releasing 500 CD's in the months to come. Mmmm, pretty suspicious considering 
> the bassist is one of the two guys from BDR, and also considering that they 
> wouldn't have the funds to even consider such an endeavor.

OK, so I admit it, it looks like or perhaps is conflict of interest. On the
other hand. Potmaster has paid for all the recording, and will be 
subbsidizing almost half the cost of the release (We are paying all the 
costs of the artwork and cover printing). So perhaps before you talk about
Potmasters financial state you should check your facts.

> 	So, me being the kind of person not liking to get fucked around 
> approached BDR and asked what plans, if any, there were for the money being 
> made from the comp.
> Even though the comp was a thing put together by the bands
> themselves, those at BDR did not think that we had a say in where the money 
> was going to be spent.

Let's straighten this out....Jon, Fred and myself put out the comp., the 
bands just appeared on it. We did all the organizing, planning, budgeting,
promotion, and legwork to make this happen. We did not get paid. We run the
label not the bands. So for that reason I don't believe that we have to
ask anyone's permission, to do anything with the money, but ourselves as 
long as we are releasing local music be it Potmaster or any other band.

 >I asked where the money was going, I was told that most
> of it was going towards the Potmaster CD. Well, well, it was nice of them 
> to fucking consult the other bands. Gee, I think that CHED would like to make
> a CD too! But, alas, all the money is fucking gone. What about the other dozen
> or so bands????

Well, no ALL the money is NOT gone! When the comp was released we were in 
debt. We then recouped the money from sales, as we will in Potmasters case
if all goes even moderately as planned. We will get to the other bands, maybe
if some of the other bands got some recordings together or approached us
with their recordings we would be doing more for them right now. Yes, we know
that CHED intend to do some recording soon, but that's not NOW. Comew see
us when you're ready to release it Phil!

> 	All _Danger: Falling Rock_ was, was a huge fucking benefit for the 
> Potmaster CD. We put in our money, played 3 or 4 benefits and have nothing to
> show for it except a single song on a compilation of 17 other bands that 
> hasen't even been distributed like it was supposed to be. I've said enough.

I don't know how you thought it was supposed to be distributed, but for your
Knowledge it has been sent to every college radio station in Canada (50) and 
has sold about 350 copies in St.John's alone, then add the 60 we had to give
to the band members involved and there goes almost all 500 copies that 
were pressed. What is left to distribute?

> Fil
> P.S. I would like to encourage all those who don't have a copy to DUB IT 
>      OFF. Don't buy it! It is definitely worth the money but not worth
>      giving the money to a couple of ... I won't say it, I'm too polite. 

Please don't! At least not before we sell the last few copies! HA!:)
And as for your politeness Phil, check your subject line, that A word is
just so polite!

So here's the news in brief.... Potmaster pays for it's recording (think
in the vicinity of 1500 bucks, they also pay for the covers, about 750 bucks
and that doesn't include my cost for the time creating the artwork, Best
Dressed covers the manufacturing cost, about 1500 bucks, then Best Dressed
is to recieve all profits until the $1500 is recouped then Potmaster will 
start getting it's cut as well. It ain't hard to see who's got more to lose!
BDR only needs to sell 180 copies to recoup what it put in. That figure 
should be possible locally with all other profits being split between the 
band and BDR. BDR also will still have money in the bank before the 
Potmaster CD has even sold a copy, that money will be used to fund other 
local releases as will all recouped monies from the Potmaster CD. 
Also Phil, do you really believe that this label could function if we had to
ask all 60 band members involved with the comp BDR released before we did 
And just to ensure that you all know, neither Jon nor I (Geoff) is 
personally getting anything for our work with BDR!

Thanks for your time, love Geoff  &   Jonathan