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Ryan Benson <rbenson\!/is.dal.ca> graciously informs us:

}that being said, I'd like to inform everyone that scarce, the rhode island
}(that's east coast, eh?) _red_ band that rawked the pop explosion, have
}finished recording their new album. it's called _deadsexy_, and will be
}released at the beginning of june (beginning of may in europe).  the early
}release across the atlantic is due to the fact that they're touring over 
}there with hole around then, though i'm not sure that that tour will come 
}back here.  just so ya know.

Best news I've heard all week!  To be picky, I think this is their *first* 
full length release, as _Red_ was sadly only an EP.  I'm really looking 
forward to this one.  Anyone who neglected to see them the two times they 
came to Halifax (or maybe when they came to your town) should be ashamed.  
They really have great stage presence for a 3-piece.

Lucky Europeans to see them with a great band like Hole.  Maybe if Per or 
someone's still out there overseas we can get a review. 

And I never picked up on the Rhode Island Red thing, that's kinda witty :)