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Re: your spine project

Brad wrote:

>I heard (saw) you talking about the spine 7" you are putting out on the 
>list, last week I think. Just wondering how things are shaping up cost 
>wise and where you are getting the single pressed?  Did you bother with 
>acetates? Where and who did the mastering for you?  Any tips?  I am 
>wanting to put a single out of cool band that I know, I have the infamous 
>Simple Machines guide but am interested in seeing how your expierience 
>has been since I gather this is your first one.  You can email me 
>personally but I think everyone should know these things!

sure, i can give a breakdown for those who are interested.

we're pressing a three-song, 33-1/3 white vinyl seven-inch.

we pressed it at united record pressing in nashville.
that's about $500 (canadian) for basic pressing and
about $150 extra for white vinyl.  then it's costing
us another $100 or so to get it shipped here.

we had the lacquer (original disc) mastered in nyc
by the master cutting room for about $200, including
what it cost to ship the DAT there, i think.

it's going to cost us another $200 or so for covers,
i think.  then there's all those hidden costs like
mailouts, giveaways, phone calls, etc.  the moral
is that you can't make money at this.  but we knew
that going in.  the point is to only do it if you
really enjoy it.