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My Trip : part trois (the end)

So i woke up sunday morning at jOn's place. Her soooo nice mother made us
some wafles, that were mmMMMMMMmmm so good. while we watched "Ice" giving
such a feeble performance on American's Gladiators.

At 1:30 MaRk came and picked me up for some street hockey with the Indy
Rock Stars. So i spent a wonderful afternoon playing street hockey
with the likes of Chris Murphy, Peter Doolie(sp?) and MaRk from the
Famous State Champs! Chris a good hockey player yet ezy to *english word
missing here* "dejouer". :) however Cris' team had the best goalie.
A guy name Lewis; but he doesn't play in a band, he's there because he's

We did that all afternoun (took some action picts). If you want more info
on that hockey thing that happens every sunday afternoun, just ask MaRk
he is writting a story about that in his school paper.

After that i had to leave. it's a three hours ride from here to moncton,
where my pit stop for the night will be. Then it's 8 hour to Quebec city.

It was time for goodbyes. :(
I didn't cry, though. I'm a man after all. And man don't cry. snif snif...

the ride back is long but nice. With that "Motes" tapes that goes on and on...

As i arrived to quebec city, i'm saying to myself: guess i'll have to
write depressing song again. This was such a great weekend in Halifax.
Everybody was so nice...

i have to go back someday.

yeah...soon... :)


(the end)