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Non music related, but I hope you can read this...Please???


Ok...it's been a rather...odd day.

Um, I just wanted to say that tara dc (f***in fish) and I (f***in fish) 
wanted to put this tape together because we love sloan's music, we are 
grateful to them for always putting on great shows and for being nice to 
us in person, and because we really love what sloan net is to us. The 
t-shirt thing made me feel all warm and happy inside, it was like we were 
all at summer camp together or maybe just playing in James' mom's garden.

But I feel really sick and depressed now.  Sloan Net has been like one of 
the best things to me ever, but I just feel sick. I just want to ask 
everyone on the list to please try to be nicer to each other. I don't 
particularly think my words will carry much weight, but I just wish that 
if you're going to be angry about something you'd just keep in mind that 
on the other end of that line is a person with feelings. 

It makes me really depressed to think that something that was making me 
feel so very happy has turned this stupid and ugly. Please, please, 
please, if you take offense to something, why not just take it up with 
that individual person? It saves us all from having to read this type of 
stuff, it doesn't promote mass unsubbing from the list, and besides, you 
might make a good friend. Want an example? The first time I ever posted 
to sloan net, my post got sent to some people a number of times, but I 
still don't know why. Jon Dacey gave me a mini flame but instead of 
freaking out at him in front of all of you, I wrote him personally and 
apologized for the technical screwup, explained that I had no clue, and 
told him to have a nice day. Right now, I think he's one of the nicest 
boys I've ever talked to, so to speak and I can't wait to meet him this 
summer. Same goes for Catano. I was afraid of him before, but now, I 
think he's nicer than pie and we are exchanging gifts via mail all the 
time now. See??? 

I'm not trying to pretend I am perfect or super polite, although 
as we all know, every Canadian is required by law to be so. ;)

I apologize for taking up so much space, I encourage you all to delete 
this now. But just please remember to think before you post, it will just 
make this place a lot nicer. And maybe I'll feel a little less heart 
broken. It sounds sappy, but it's true. :(

Thank you very much, can we please discuss something related to music, 
like say the superfriendz gig tomorrow?

tara lee wittchen

ps/ if you want to make comments on this very non music related post, 
then by all means, email me, not the list. :)