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Re: My Trip : part trois (the end)

}At 1:30 MaRk came and picked me up for some street hockey with the Indy
}Rock Stars. So i spent a wonderful afternoon playing street hockey
}with the likes of Chris Murphy, Peter Doolie(sp?) and MaRk from the
}Famous State Champs! Chris a good hockey player yet ezy to *english word
}missing here* "dejouer". :) however Cris' team had the best goalie.
}A guy name Lewis; but he doesn't play in a band, he's there because he's

Je pense que the word you want is "deke", if you mean it's easy to "skate" 
past him and get to the net.  If you mean it's easy to get the ball from 
him, I guess that's just a steal or something like that.  I can't think of 
a particular term for that (I'm not much of a hockey player).  

Did you bring your #9 Maurice Richard sweater :) Are you familiar with an 
NFB short called "The Sweater" about this poor Quebecois boy who 
accidentally gets a Maple Leafs sweater from Eatons mail order and then 
nobody will play with him.  Sad story but funny too.  Well told, like your 
stories.  Thanks for telling us how much you like 'alifax.

Just one point, in Part Deux you referred to Mike C.'s jam-o-basement but 
later abbreviated that as "j-o-base".  I just wanted you to know that in 
english j-o is short for jerk(ing) off, i.e. masturbation (frotter?).
So calling the place Mike's j-o-base means that it's the place where he 
most often masturbates.  I got a really good laugh out of that one (hey, 
maybe it's true :)

Come back soon,