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On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, scott hutchens wrote:

> 2) Do you think they should have taken all the money and invested it in
> CHED instead of Potmaster, as their second venture? Why? Odds are, I 
> would think anyway, that they only made enough profit off D:FR to 
> really get one other album under way, for now, so why shouldn't that
> band be Potmaster?

well, fr starters, it seems like it was never made clear wether or not 
the investors were signing up for a long term investment into the co-op 
or what.  this is stuff that should have been spoken of.  if it is in 
fact a co-op, then by definition, no decisions that would affect the 
group as a whole (i.e. SPENDING ALL OF THE MONEY) should be made 
unilateraly.  regardless of whose idea the whole thing was, if the 
project was designed as a collective or co-op, then they withdrew all 
rights to priority.  

the fact that the potboys were involved in the organization aspect of the 
comp, as well as reaping all immediate results from it make it look very 
fishy.  it is obvious that there was a lack of communication between BDR 
and the bands involved.  $100 to appear on a comp CASSETTE is fucking 
ludicrous.  they should've taken note and asked "who is ripping us off 

but what's done is done.

> Having a local company interested only in helping local talent put
> out albums is a fantastic thing, but there are a lot of local bands
> to help out and all of them can't be helped at once. They have to 
> start somewhere... and that starting point has to be well picked in
> order to get the whole operation on solid ground. Perhaps they just
> felt that Potmaster was their surest investment as a second release.

i would be really really really really amazed if BDR managed to be the 
philanthropist organization you make it out to be.  i doubt they are in 
it to help out the poor put upon rockers of nfld.

most smaller record companies are a lot shadier than big ones.  rememeber 


> One thing I can tell you for sure, telling people to copy the tape
> instead of buying it isn't going to help anyone.
> scott
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