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Re: T-shirt typography, encore


On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, r.d. reynolds wrote:
> Well, doesn't that just sound a little too formal?  I'd rather have a 
> shirt, even if it is the Signature idea (geek thing), by someone on the 
> net, then having some designer come in.  Isn't that basically the indie 
> spirit?  Do it yourself attitude...

Yes. Exactly what I was thinking. One of the reasons why I love Eric's 
Trip so much is that they do everything on their own. It's more special 
that way, it means something, they have often said they can remember the 
very day and the way the room was when they did a particular song. 
Maybe it's the reason why a lot of us feel special when we listen to them, 
because of the method used, not just the final result.

Here's a little something I keep in a book to remind me of why I do the 
things I do...

"It's just complacency in a different direction. Instead of your 
complacent brain mindlessly consuming what popular culture feeds us, you 
blindly follow your peers who oppose society and its `evils'. Getting off 
your butt and making a difference is *so* easy when your friends are 
already involved in just that. It's so easy when *they* start the bands, 
the zines, the action, and all you do is just complacently follow. The 
only difference between blindly following popular culture and blindly 
accepting and mimicing your friends is that at least when you mimic your 
peers who are involved in real change you become a `follower' of 
something positive. But involvement through complacency isn't true 
involvement. If they weren't there to make the first move and get things 
started, would you be the initiator?...wake up. complacency is a forfeit 
of the mind, your tool for real change." by mike, matt, and mark, three 
really cool guys somewhere else

Not to put anyone down at all, I just think we should maybe keep this in 
mind when we are um... a bit quick to criticize others who are at least 
making the effort.

"...and the geek shall inherit the earth..."

tara lee
`madness ensues geeks run amok' (tm)  :)