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A couple of things weren't really clear to me from what you stated:

1) Why not the Potmaster CD? If BDR is going to make money off it
(which I should hope they plan to), then they take that profit (and
should hopefully now have more money in total than they did before)
and then help two other bands put out albums, then with that profit...

2) Do you think they should have taken all the money and invested it in
CHED instead of Potmaster, as their second venture? Why? Odds are, I 
would think anyway, that they only made enough profit off D:FR to 
really get one other album under way, for now, so why shouldn't that
band be Potmaster?

Having a local company interested only in helping local talent put
out albums is a fantastic thing, but there are a lot of local bands
to help out and all of them can't be helped at once. They have to 
start somewhere... and that starting point has to be well picked in
order to get the whole operation on solid ground. Perhaps they just
felt that Potmaster was their surest investment as a second release.

One thing I can tell you for sure, telling people to copy the tape
instead of buying it isn't going to help anyone.

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