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	Okay, here goes. The two guys who put together the compilation of 
St. John's artists, Danger: Falling Rock, who have given themselves the 
label Best Dressed Records are ASSHOLES who don't give a fuck about anybody 
except themselves, and who only care about furthering there own desires. 
I'm probably going to get shit on and lose a friend or two but I'm only 
saying it how it is. 
	BDR told the bands, when the project was in the planning stages, 
that the money made would be used to help out the bands who would want to 
do other future recordings. We paid $100 each for the recording and a spot 
on the comp. Everything seemed to be unfolding in the bands favour.
	Now, Potmaster, which btw have a wicked song on the comp, will be 
releasing 500 CD's in the months to come. Mmmm, pretty suspicious considering 
the bassist is one of the two guys from BDR, and also considering that they 
wouldn't have the funds to even consider such an endeavor.
	So, me being the kind of person not liking to get fucked around 
approached BDR and asked what plans, if any, there were for the money being 
made from the comp. Even though the comp was a thing put together by the bands
themselves, those at BDR did not think that we had a say in where the money 
was going to be spent. I asked where the money was going, I was told that most
of it was going towards the Potmaster CD. Well, well, it was nice of them 
to fucking consult the other bands. Gee, I think that CHED would like to make
a CD too! But, alas, all the money is fucking gone. What about the other dozen
or so bands????
	All _Danger: Falling Rock_ was, was a huge fucking benefit for the 
Potmaster CD. We put in our money, played 3 or 4 benefits and have nothing to
show for it except a single song on a compilation of 17 other bands that 
hasen't even been distributed like it was supposed to be. I've said enough.


P.S. I would like to encourage all those who don't have a copy to DUB IT 
     OFF. Don't buy it! It is definitely worth the money but not worth
     giving the money to a couple of ... I won't say it, I'm too polite.