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My Trip : part deux

woo, where am i? i ask myself as i'm waking up. geee, guess last night
i was drunk (but not as much as Pat, hhee hee *1 see part uno). Ahh yeah
now i remember; last night i had any place to stay, so Mark told me
that maybe at Catano's place i would be able to find something.
I remember throwing little rocks at Mike's bedroom window so he would wake up.
Naturally, with the help of Mark; I wouldn't have done this without him.
geee, i remember feeling so bad as i'm meetin thee Mike Catano at 2:30 in the
morning, yet he was so nice and he offered me some slices of pizza.
you are reading those lines and you're probably asking yourself, and how does
he look? how is he like? what color is the hair of our favorite flame warrior?
well... hee hee i won't tell you! May the mythe and the legend lives on!

So i woke up at Catano's place on the couch where i passed out last night.
hey, woooo...i was not that drunk, poLeeas.. anyway, we had a wonderful
breakfast; the sramble eggs prepare by Mike "the cook" Catano were just right.
Delicious again Mike, and it does go well with the peach jam spread on that
tasty bread. After that we went pick up some amps at Emily's place (oups...
sorry btw, i forgot to tell u she's an other sloan netter that we met last
night. she is the singer of the popularity contest). Then we went to pick up
jOn at his house. As we arrive back at Mike's house, Mark was parking his
car right in front us. wow, what a band...that's the first time i see
musicians be there on time. you know, usally musicains have long hair and
allways come late because they have to live up to there bad rep.

Before the jam we watch the Range Life video. That did all good to us.
from then, we were ready to rawk Mike's basement. The first part of the
jam was the usual State Champs organization plus me on bass. We practiced
some State Champs song written by Mark. Rawk, rawk and rawk white boys!
I remember doing "wine makes us"; a superb song where, i don't know
if it's Mark or jOn who does that, but when that NOTE is stroke, geee
i have chills. And then we did that song where MaRk and jOn tune down
their E string to D, which is my favorite. They probably knows it because
i gave MaRk the "Dangerfeild's" eyes when we played it.Then there this
G-D-C chorus song where i did that bass line that all the State Champs
seemed to like. And we did a whole lot more, but i can't remember them all,
but, geeee, their songs are sooooo fucking goooood. Tell me why i
must live here. I know we were meant to be togetther; Look we all have
the same "swiss army" watch! btw, jOn start to reveal himself as the
funniest guy on the planet.

Then MaRk left for work... the poor guy..the best was yet to come. :)
We took some time to learn Amped from Slaon, and then we all left for
a bite. We went for the club sandwich, a classic. Mike had ketchup with
his fries, i had mayonnaise; we are so cultulraly different. Hey, that
could be the PQ get-togetther call for the referendum : They eat it with
ketchup, we eat it with mayonnaise! yuk, ketchup! btw, jOn is the funniest
guy on the planet (i had to write it again, because it is true).
Then we came back to Mike's jam-o-basement, while listening to the
band that will rule from now on the east coast : *the Motes*. However, i think
they have  broken up because one of them is leaving for Ottawa..isn't it
strange? well, in a way, that is soooo cod like; the queen live far away
and she is still the ruler of the contry...hmmm..just a thought...

So back to Mike's j-o-base we start diging some pavements and the all time
favorite : Two States (a tribute to all the quebekers in da house waz made).:)
We did some yAn's songs too. mmMMMmmm...that felt sooo good to hear them
come to life, not even in my wildest dream they are that good. Then we
did some two guitar jam-and-crank-the-volume-Kevin/Thuston. This was
like a taco bell's buritto suprem. A TOTAL BLAT oups...aa BLAST!!!
We were playing sooo LOOUUD, Eric's Trip would have cryied for mommy.
jOn rules, he is thee guitar player i allways wish i knew. And MikE knows
thee way to RAWK!! boum boum boum crash boum. His fills in are not the usual
crap all of us are so tired of hearing. Let just say that again, the guy
knows...After that, or maybe it was before all that jam, well.. we record
Amped; me on bass, jOn on the guitar and MikE on drums. btw, we all sing
even me. So don't ask yourself, when you're gonna hear it, who's singing
the chorus with MaRk; yep, that is me, right on! eyeyeyeyyyyeeee yeeyyee  :):)

Afterward, everybody was tired and exhausted. Except for ME. yeah, i just
couldn't get enough. I was ready to go on like hell, to explode! But, you know
everything must.. end...so that..was ..snif..it..snif..o why o why?

So we went for the infamous kraft dinner, (the main meal for a bunch of guys
who want to eat NOW). Marc Brown join us to chat a bit then left for Al Tuck
and his friends. Us we went to the famous join CKDU. MikE have a show there
every saturday night, and i can tell you that it is "all good"!!

jOn and me left MikE continu his show all by himself and rode down to the
Oasis where we met MaRk, James and later on Roderick Affleck (who had
a Gluetones t-shirt!). - n.b.: i finaly listened to the e.p. of the gluetones.
the Ugly-45 is alot better. the e.p. doesn't have Lucas of Rebecca West on
bass, and it shows. Alot more popish then the ugly-45. the surf songs
are good,though. As usual paul's signing are cool and mellow a la Thuston
Moore. But the cool bass lines are definitively missing here. -

The Rebbeca West show have allready been reviewed, so i won't talk about it.
just add my two cent though; Lucas is a bass god. he define what bass is and
what it should be. he..(ok ok stop it we know you like him..geee). let
just say he's a good bass player. btw, Pat from sloan was there again.
Smoking cigarettes and drinking like fuck (hee hee). :) At one time  i
thought i saw the infamous Super Woman. but no, that wasn't her.

Then we were suppose to join Marc, Shant, Katrina and others at the birdland.
But, we were unable to enter their palace because of that ASSHOLE buncer
who just wouldn't let thee jOn DaCEy in. Fuck the buncer! May some drunk dead
bastard vomit on his Birland fat belly. So we weren't able to hook up with
the rest of the hord. That was disapointing, because me and Shant were supposed
to record a Sloan cover together, and that was the time and place we were
supposed to arrange the thing up. Well, after that MaRk went home, and jOn
and me went at his place to sleep.

But, that is not realy what we did; we talked, talked, and laugh, and laugh.
i will leave you on that note : " jOn is definitively the funniest guy on
the planet". May life smile upon him cause he made me smile alot. (geee isn't
that cute, and i found it all by self..:) )..still true, though...

tomorow : part trois (the hockey part)