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Ok, so I've waited about a week or whatever...I've finished doing a rough 
draft of the split list of which band is going to be on which tape. Now 
me and tdc, record label moguls ;), will just discuss this draft and 
we'll be posting a final list onto sloan net soon.

The following have not responded with either a) the song they want to do
b) a final follow up ie/ Yes we will be on this tape or c) a band name....

Christine  b and c
Popularity Contest  a 
Hua  a b  and  c
umbrella tree  a and b
tom in new york  b and c
Jeremy  c
kat and heather  c
dave in richmond  c
yan/jon/the rest of halifax... ;)  c
Conny  a  b
Jeff and Karen  c

Adam, Shant and Katrina are you guys still doing something or have plans 
changed?? Cause shant said it was only him on gc...are you three doing 
another song or not? :)

Catano, are you doing this alone or with the rest of the State Champs?

Patty, do you have a band name yet?

Ooooh ooh ooh, I'm just so very excited... :) :)

Please get back to me ASAP if you recognize yourself on this list.
If I don't hear back from people who fall into category B within the next 
few days, I guess we will just have to assume you're not into it or 
you've knocked yourself unconscious and can't read email, let alone 
record. ;)

Zines, tribute albums, t-shirts, books of tab, homepages and more...wow, we 
should open up some retail outlets... :) :) :) 
("we" being sloan netters, of course) :)

Thanks all for your time and effort. This is gonna be so good. :)
Extra special thanks to all who responded with all necessary info 
immediately and sorry to anyone I've forgotten, email me quickly.

listening to american indie rock again, but only cause it's old mudhoney...

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