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Fuzz Buster


Just picked up a SKREECH powder blue flexi disc today, I guess I won't 
have to *steal* the one at our station...hee hee... 

So anyway, it came with a 411 sheet and on said sheet, it read ``200 
(flexis) will be available through the new hip Halifax based Fanzine FUZZ 
BUSTER {contact Chris Trowbridge....}''

It gave a phone number to contact Chris but as some of you know, my phone 
bill is a *little* high this month ;) (btw, sprint canada DOES 
rock, James...).  Anyone know how I might find a copy of this fanzine via 
email/snail mail?? Doesn't Chris work at CKDU?

love the media freak,
tara :)

ps/ speaking of media...what happened with _the Waves_ ? I listened to it 
*all* and heard nothing about that indie rock mecca ;) Halifax...

ps+/ [xerox] - subtle, eh? ;)
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