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Sloan in Maclean's!!

Hey everyone!  Check out the March 27 edition of Maclean's magazine! 
They did a feature on Canadian rawk, and Sloan (well, Jay, anyway!)
made it on the cover, along with the Hip and Crash Test Dummies! 
Sloan, HCG, and Thrush Hermit are among the bands mentioned.  No
mention of Eric's Trip, it seems, but i could've missed it. I just got
the issue now, and i wanted to be the first to post something, so i
quickly skimmed through it!  anyway, here's what they had to say about Sloan:

"Nowhere in Canada has the indie spirit spawned a healthier scene than
in Halifax, where local grunge sensations Sloan and the all-girl jale
got the city tagged as "the next Seattle" two years ago by various
American music magazines.  Sloan, a young four-piece group, started
its own label, murderecords, and has introduced groups including
Eric's Trip (okay, so they are mentioned...oops!), Hardship Post and
Thrush Hermit.  Both Sloan and Eric's Trip, from Moncton, NB, are
vying for Junos in the newly created best alternative album category. 
According to Sloan's Jay Ferguson, the reason for Halifax's
flourishing music scene stems from its geographic isolation. "No bands
come here, so you start your own band and start shows," says the
26-year-old.  "Anybody can have a label--just put a tape out and
you've got a label."  
	Wow...Sloan in Maclean's.  And to think I was going to cancel
my subscription!  I suppose it's worth the $45 or so a year! ;)  Make
sure you all go out and get yerselves a copy, eh?

NiNa in Ottawa who hopes she was the first to post something about
this! :)

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