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My Trip

aye aye aye, farewell they say, farewell.

yes indeed. and it was a BAST oups a BLAST!

after buying some tapes at Room 201 in Moncton, i left for the infamous
halifax. the ride seemed long but the scenery was nice as i got nearer.
so i arrived friday late afternoon. as soon i as got near downtown, i parked
my funky car (she was tired, the poor; an 8 hour drive, followed by a 3 hour
drive from moncton to halifax.she need an oil change soon). once there i
called some sloannetter and Shant Pelley came all the way from Darmouth
to joint me in some shopping activities.

first, we went at Taz. Taz is the usual vinyl store, but without the
alternative section. well, i think that Sam had more alt than Taz.
anyway, except the fact that the guy behind the counter had an ugly
grumpy face, we, at my great plesure  found the Gluetones e.p. AND the
the Ugly-45rmp there. as shant says:" hit two chickens with one rock."
(hhmmm...well something like that). after that, we went to Dishord wich is
basicaly the same store as Taz, but without Les Glutones. well, that's
what i thought..oups, i forgot, it wasn't on the same street as Taz..there
you go, an other thing different here.

After the little fruitful shearch we went to Shant's house where his
mother made us some delicious chili. we went downstairs and listen to
some of the infinite Shant's discography. Shant must have like thousands
of record. if you need information on an lp,ep,cass,single,anything
released by an east coast artist, Shant is your man.

afterward, we went to Moka cafe, where we were supposed to meet with some
Sloanneters. we arrived there earlier than anybody, (except for Jon Dacey
who was at a table next to us, but we didn't know who he was at that time).
so that gave us the chance to watch everybody arrive one by one.

Marc Brown, was the first to arrive. his hair has grown alot since i
had the huge pleasure to meet him in Montreal, the last time Sloan went there.
Marc has the short skater haircut and he wears it well. as allways,
Marc is a pleasant man to chat with. Then came the one and only James Covey.
James at our great suprised, has a beard. he looks really mean like the
kind of guy you don't want to mess with (just joking :)). Actualy, he allways,
smile and, like on e-mail, he is the nicest. with him, or maybe like very
soon after, i don't remember, came Jim Cooper. Jim has a funny looking
hair and i heard that he is realy funny, though i didn't had the chance
to talk alot with him. I think that it's at this moment that jOn dAceY has
reveal himself to us. jOn looks like Sebastian of Harship post and he
is a little bit baaf :) :) ha ha (inside joke here). Then, arrived Heather
Hawkins. Heather is cute, but she didn't talked to me. Guess that is
because of my big nose full of zits and my red mohawk.

so we chat a bit (loud) and then we split. Shant, heather, and some others
went to see the killjoy at birdland. Marc, James, jOn and me went at a dance
at NSCAD cause we're all bachelour who want to score tonite. :) not true
james is even maried i think..anyway, we went there ; the piggy, the
preppy relative and popularity contest were playing at the dance.
Something weird happen while jOn and i went out. Somebody called for a bomb t
threat, so the whole building had to be evacuated. so we had to stay outside.
with this Bomb threat, we lost marc and james (and jim also, i think). we
didn't know at that time, but they went to the birland;'stead of freezin'
their asses off outside waiting for the bomb threat to be cleared off.
While we were waiting, Mark Mullane arrived. Soon after, they let us get
back in. so from now on we could party. We got down and busted some moves
on the dance floor. We had a great time. Pat from Sloan was there.
it was strange to see someone you admire being drunk dead under the table
cruising every girl he could get his eyes on. :) (again don't beleive
everything you read...:))
Gordon from the preppy relative is an amazing guitar player.
Piggy is pure fun to see live.

Afterward, Mark and me went to birdland. i had to stop Mark who wanted
to get involved with this girl i know is a true sex maniac.:):):) she even
had her tongue peirced..yuk.:(...this girl mean action.
(like i know some girl in some halifax bar...)

Anyway, we had a good time but it was time to got to sleep, And that is what
i did.

tomorow, part deux of yAn's trip