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Re: joyce?

>SUB-POP does have a server on the
>internet, if you know anything about the internet , besides e-mail, you
>can go to their site on the WEB at url --->http://www.subpop.com, they
>also have an ftp site but i'm not sure what you can still get there, the
>ftp address is, ftp ftp.subpop.com, I hope that helps in finding out
>about the spinanes..

I was at the SubPop WWW site yesterday--not during work hours, of
course--and they have a ton (imperial) at that place.  I'm afraid that I
had no time to goof with the hard cold facts that were available there...I
was too busy looking at their image index.  You can download any of those
pictures super easy***, including ERIC'S TRIP photos and more (obligatory
'content' requirment).
If you have the time (an hour at least), do it.

Pretty much just a dork,
Patrick Thomas Hawley

***-I used the new beta version of Netscape (1.1b1) with pop-up menus;
totally easy to download the images with it.