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Concert soooon

Ok ok ok

First: Elevator to Hell: subpop has it for 9.00... not bad, right
ok then add on tons of cash for excahnge and shipping... ends up around 
22 bucks :( i dont HAVE 22 bucks.. well not right now ;)

Second: ok for people on this list around T.O. i'm pretty sure this is 
old news but Erics Trip is gonna be at The Moon Room in oshua on april 
17th, and at the Opera House (yay) in toronto on april 23. i still dunno 
wether these are all ages or WHAT, but i wanna go to one of em... probly 
the opera house i'm too far away from oshua.

BTW does anyone know if they'll be bring some elevator to hell's with 
them when they tour? subpop sed they're only pressing 1,000 sooooooo