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The Shitty Sloan WWW Homepages

Well, I was going to post about this anyway [xerox], but in an attempt to
understand something (anything) on this group today, amidst the discussions
of local Canadian bands and Rheostatics:(, here it is.

Sloan's homepage sucks.  Well I should explain that they have two of them:

one at DGC, Inc.:


and one at the Internet Underground Music Archive:


DGC, Inc., has been working on their web site over the last 6 months but
now, it's turned in to complete chaos and shit.  In the old days (when the
title for the Sloan page was "Sloane") it was cool, cause they gave you
some info like a bio, tour dates, a couple of different songs samples.  But
now, when you find them under "Other DGC/Geffen Artists" and click on their
bio jump button, it reads "Alternative pop/rock"and there is only one song
sample (which, I think links to the IUMA page).  Also, you can buy their
"product" (which I don't recommend doing until internet security is
tightened up!!) BUT under the listing for the Peppermint EP, it says that
it went out of print on September 29,1994.  Is this true????

The IUMA has a homepage for Sloan as well.  It boasts a sound sample of one
song, picture of the 2r cover, a band photo, and the "sloan" handwritten
logo that's on 2r****.  That's all!!!

Maybe if Murder Records could get their own homepage, I wouldn't feel the
need to bitch about Sloan's major label (?) neglecting them.  I have a link
to the Sloan homepage on my web page, but shit, do I really want anyone to
see these pages and what little there is on them.

A little venting, and I feel better,

****-available from http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/band_html