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Re: weird great night in hfx

> Come on.. don't mix oranges with apples. Shirt is not a subject that
> can be compare with **Guitar**. :) (just teasin'..)
> Anyway, as soon as i'm capable of getting some e-mail laser print
> out of my cpu, i'll try to do a prototype.
> the prototype should be: .front : James Covey's Sloan net e-mail signature.
>                          .back : written :"touring ... then the addresses
>                                  of the Sloan netters. James should send
>                                  me that sooner or later. we talked about
>                                  at the oasis last sat.
> once the prototype will me made, i'll go check around for some tees.
> i have a friend who is in the *biz* (duh..) he will help me on that project.
> he's also the one who will play drum for my sloan cover of les amis...
> just to know ; is there anyone who think this is a cool idea, and who
> would pay (around 10$ i think..) to have a t-shirt of Sloan net?
> you, yes you who are reading this line at that very moment, would you
> like to wear that t-shirt? yes? no? maybe? at some condition?
> you think you have a better idea for a tee? express it!
> post it, damn it! don't be afraid, it always feel great to expell (sp?andrew?
> :) ) our feelings. if you are more discret, you can always post it to
> me personaly. do it, it does not hurt!
> yAn "all doors opened"

Hmmm, while I really like the shirt idea, no offense, but your idea 
of the prototype sounds a little bad.  How about something a little more 
stylish?  Like some retro (and as ashamed as some of you are to admit it, 
being individuals and all, retro has sorta become a style...) design or 
something.  I'm sure that James signature would be much cooler if he 
didn't have to work with ASCII characters.  Like how about some off 
colour green-yellow shirt, with a big Sloannet spirally thing, slowly 
coming back on itself and then have a design in the middle.  And I've 
found with pricing, that adding almost anything to the back of the shirt 
really jacks up the price, so maybe leave it blank to keep costs down or