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rock with YAN!!!!

hey there everyone ..

wow what a blazing and exciting weekeden i had ..wowee...

so i get off fronm school and wait determined to find ole Yan Raymond
...finally he calls and the meeting is aranged..

anyhow i went to the mocha and was so absorbed in reading my analyzing
childrens art book that i didnt notice he was sitting right in front of me
(like id ever seen him or anything) ..

anyhow so i met a bunch of sloan netters id never met before... 
shant and mark from acadia..as well as the action man yan raymond.. anyhow
james and jim and heather were there too but me and yan were talking guitar so
we really didnt catch what was going on..

anyhow so then we went to my good ole school to see the preppy relatives
popularity contest and piggy... so we get there and low and behold bomb
threat.. so the gig is delayed james, mark and jim are nowhere to befound..blah

finally the gig goes on with much abriged sets ...

piggy whom me and mullane caught with lil orton a while back.. put on another
great set even playingour favorite tune "nolah" ..definatly a cool guy...

the popularity contetest put on a great litle set ..theyre much more confident
and a lttle more rocky now ..emily is definatly getting more confident ...

then gordon and warren took the stage  and of course rocked out playing all the
tunes me and mark yelled out to them ...

including my faves the word of the day and im cruising you... gordon rules
rules rules and warren rawks rawks rawks... 

anyhow so then we got funky to the dj prowess of lukas from rebecca west and
spentthe rest of the evening trying to get girls to notice us :) ..including
the now infamous super woman ...its to bad you missed her james...

anyhow yan and mark went to birdland and i went home...

next day we rocked out with yan .. who is one damn fine guitr god ..you
quebecers better get him in yer band quick...

so that rocked.. we worked on our sloan cover for the zine thing..we're doin
amped so dont go stealin it :P

anyhow then we went to rebecca west ..

and like its already been stted cudzoo blew chunks... 

i was mighty dissapointed by rebeca west though.. lets get some backup vocals
..maybe some dynamics.. they were pretty dull ...rock at one volume for quite
some time... the final instrumental hinted at cool things possible though...
lukas is a machine...

anyhow me and Yan retired  and tryed to go to sleep but it was like a grade six
sleep over just talking and talking about nothing... though we did discuss the
appearances of sloan net members (that wed never seen) ..yan has this strange
colour theory.. i was gren i think... anyhow and i told yan that tara lee is
this girl with long straight hair and is tall and she is a blue photocopied
picture... i was sorta right shes tall supposedly...

anyhow i miss yan already ... he was too coll and would like to play more with
him hes gonna be in a killer band i know it...

anyhow bye yan




oee oat te