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Re: hip club groove.

Yeah, youre probably right.  I probably should try to protect boys who 
talk about/sing about sexually or physically abusing women.  They really 
dont deserve to have that discussed, I probably shouldnt take it so 
seriously either.

Maybe I will stop when women stop dying because their boyfriends beat 
them to death, or because they starve themselves to death, literally, in 
order to 
please men -- Men like the boys in Hip Club Groove who truly judge a womens 
desirability on the basis of her physical beauty and not on the basis of 
her amazingness.  You are not very likely to understand the incredibly 
profound impact that boys like that have on women.  Perhaps you should 
consider their (and your own) responsibility for the anger of women like 
me before you say I am out of control or overreacting.  Women die because 
our world is sexist, you idiot.  Stop fucking acting like its not a big deal.