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al tuck/more sloannet meetings?

guess i don't feel so bad about not making it to rebecca west sat 
night...at least john wesley of blackpool cancels a show when he's not up 
to it (re the birdland performances the same night). al tuck was really 
great...song titles are kinda escaping me at the moment but he played a lot 
of stuff fr arhoolie & a cover that i didn't recognize...lots o 
harmonica & hillbilly tunes...people were dancing! tracy (the bass player 
who is notorious for his look of boredom) was smiling! al was laughing! 
phil sedore was smoking! leonard conan were plagued with muddy sound so i 
didn't enjoy them as much as i had at the ckdu funding drive benefit. 
Mucheast was there...the oasis sloannet posse was prevented fr entering by 
the evil birdland bouncers (something to do with an id?) so i guess another 
meeting wasn't to be tho we did get to see the eternally cool marc brown & 
his friend. oh well. is anyone coming down for jale?  

about the criss appearance in the hardship post vid (mentioned a while 
ago...sorry)...i seem to remember he & jenny pierce of jale being cajoled 
into sitting right next to the band during the 2nd run thru of my only 
aim...i was standing right next to amanda of plumtree but all you can see 
are bits of my hair flying in the way of the camera (they didn't include 
the guy hanging fr the waterpipe on the ceiling either!)..............kat

 "I'm a cleaner, not a musician..."  -mike j at the "very last thruster 
                                      show ever",birdland thursmar16