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Re: q-104 (fwd)

"Mr. Pim" <o316\!/unb.ca> remarked with painful cynicism:
} Maybe they'll have some old indie releases from Trooper or Lover Boy 
}floating around somewhere! Now that would be cool! 

to the query of DAVID POUND <MT203209\!/LINDEN.MSVU.CA>
}Someone told me that Q-104 has an indie show on sundays now that focuses 
}on the local scene? Is this true? Q-104 an indie station ? How scary.

Better yet, since we're talking local scene they might have some early 
indie April Wine, just in time for their Roxbury gigs this weekend.  And 
poor Derek is stuck in TO with whatever shitty bands are playing the El 
Mocambo (a club which failed to live up to it's legend when I was there in 
'93.  I guess I expected more from a place where the Stones had played.)

BTW, Trooper is playing the McInnes Room Thursday night.  Is anyone at Dal 
still old enough to remember Trooper?  I mean, they were dead even when I 
bought "Hot Shots" from Columbia House about 10 years ago.

If I get really bored I'll type in the Thrush Hermit review from this 
week's Gazette.  I assume my friend Tim "Covey" won't mind the copyright 
infringement.  We should all pitch in and buy Ian some fresh bass strings 
and Rob some decaf (you'll understand when you read the article)

"Drive that car to Texas, boy"--ZZ Top (sorta)