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hip club groove.

I'm just wondering about a rumour I heard about hip club groove.  A friend 
told me that they are putting out a single entitled `Bitch'.   I 
know they dont really have a history of being anything but completely 
fucked up regarding attitudes toward women (I'm thinking of the line in 
their song `skittles' that says something like `if my wife gets out of 
line, I cut her with a knife.' Thats a misquote.  In the song the rhyme 
is `wife' and `knife'.), but that still shocked me a lot.  They always 
seem so nice when Ive been with them.  That oddly enough is what a lot of 
young women seem to think about them.  Ive wound up hanging around with 
them a handful of times and I really believe that Brian is a good 
human.  What I think about the kindness of the others is that they are 
thinking about how to get women to fuck them all the time, every woman 
they meet.  That makes me feel sucked-in and manipulated by them and not 
like they are kind or interesting people.

Emily Vey Duke