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Re: hip club groove.

Emily Vey Duke pondered:

}I'm just wondering about a rumour I heard about hip club groove.  A friend 
}told me that they are putting out a single entitled `Bitch'.   I 
}know they dont really have a history of being anything but completely 
}fucked up regarding attitudes toward women (I'm thinking of the line in 
}their song `skittles' that says something like `if my wife gets out of 
}line, I cut her with a knife.' Thats a misquote.  In the song the rhyme 
}is `wife' and `knife'.), but that still shocked me a lot.  

Good!  I suspect the whole purpose of the line is to shock people, not to 
advocate violence but to make people think about it and recognize it as a 
problem.  As I've said before about their song "Kick Him in the Face When 
He's Down", I don't think they're advocating such behaviour, rather 
they're condemning it.

}They always 
}seem so nice when Ive been with them.  That oddly enough is what a lot of 
}young women seem to think about them.  Ive wound up hanging around with 
}them a handful of times and I really believe that Brian is a good 

And most likely they all are.

}What I think about the kindness of the others is that they are 
}thinking about how to get women to fuck them all the time, every woman 
}they meet.  That makes me feel sucked-in and manipulated by them and not 
}like they are kind or interesting people.

"I wanna make every woman I see..."--The Odds, Heterosexual Man

They're young, maybe they do think about such things a lot.  It wouldn't 
make them much different from a lot of 20ish males.  But I wouldn't jump 
to conclusions.

Maybe you'd like to discuss this with the band.  Chek-luv Shakil is 
online, in fact maybe he's lurking out there.  I saw him post once, his 
address I think was cbowles\!/is.dal.ca but I don't have it on file to 
check.  Maybe you should drop him a line rather than airing all this dirty 
laundry here.