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rebecca west \!/ oasis

REBECCA WEST + kudzu, the oasis, march 18

well, last night was a mediocre performance
for rebecca west, that's for sure.  poor
allison was rather sick and she pretty much
croaked her way through the set, and she
wasn't moving very much.  

so here's my complaint about allison:  some
of you know how she's always cajoling crowds
to move forward and dance and get into sets.
well, last night her band did all slow songs
from the beginning of the set, like six in
a row or something.  and still she did that
cajoling thing.  and then at the end of 
the set they did their kinda fast song,
their sorta fast song, and their long jam
song, and still allison said at the end of
the night to the audience, sarcastically,
"well, i hope you all feel better soon."

ok, so audience response was less than
fanatical, but what does she expect?  not
only have they played several times in
halifax now, but they are playing in a
much slower style than when the band first
started out.  i don't know, maybe she 
thinks it's, like, authentic punk or 
something to heckle the audience.  
it's kind of like she's assuming that
people aren't enjoying the show even if
maybe they are!

apparently rebecca west will be taking
a few weeks off, until their album
release at the end of april.  allison
seems like she needs it.  i hope that
*she* feels better soon.

and about kudzu:  i'm afraid there's
nothing much that i liked about them.
i don't know why they're trying to
break into the alternative scene.  why
don't they get a gig at the roxbury?


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