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weird great night in hfx

so imagine all of these people sitting 
at one table in the cafe mokka:
(i know a lot of you have never seen it
 but both the old and new locations are
 in the hardship post video...  :-)

shant lee pelley
yan raymond
marc brown 
jonathan dacey
jim cooper
heather-anne harkins
james covey

geez, did i name everybody?  let's just
say that it was sloan net night in halifax.
it was my first time meeting marc, yan,
and heather; all supremely nice people,
in case you were wondering.  it was so
cool to meet them in person.

some of us headed to nscad to catch piggy,
popularity contest, and preppy relatives,
and had to leave after the first song 
because of a bomb scare that forced
security to clear the building!  how 
bizarre, this has never happened to me.
jim, marc, and i migrated to the deuce
and caught the killjoys.  but then when
we came back down to nscad, the show
was over!  i guess they had a time limit
and by the time the bands got on they
had to play really short sets.  oh well.
could someone please review the show for
the net?  thanks.


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