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rugged operator

hey kids :)

  hip club groove's wicked 'rugged operator' was played on rapcity on
wednesday. what a wicked video. black n' white, simple, with lotsa fast
camera work. quick and slick. truly great. :)

and , don't ask me how, but i caught the words 'chris murphy' on the
screen for a split second after the video, and , unsure wheter or not i
was halucinating again (as usual) i rewound and paused. 

Sure enough, the smurf and Catherine Stockhausen are listed as producers
on the credits which flashed on the screen for a millionth of a second. 

my obsession consistantly amazes me. :)

on the same note...that *is* criss in the audience for a split second in
the h.post 'my only aim' vid, right? 
during one of the 'ba ba ba ba..'s  they flash on the audience and i swear
its criss down in the bottom lefthand corner, wearing glasses and navy
blue and a bit of red...

:) anyways, the point is, that the new HCG video RAWKS and so keep yr eyes
peeled for it. you never know where you'll see it... 

:) love,
tara the leprochaun

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom