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Re: THIS IS A FLAME - NO SLOAN CONTENT (was Re: motes song)

}> So you're not an indie rock snob?  If {insert favourable major label here} 
}> offered you a contract that didn't force you to sound like Moist but let 
}> you keep artistic freedom, you'd take it?
}i don't think i'll EVER be in that position, so it isn't anything i've 
}ever given any serious thought to - but seeing how unhappy sloan are 
}really has to make ya' wonder...

Well, just suppose that you were still a member of TH and the other three 
voted to accept the contract.  Would you "sell out" or tell them to get a 
new drummer?  Food for thought.  Pretend it's an alternate universe like 
his new "Sliders" series premiering next week :)

And I agree about Sloan.  These guys tried to stay artistic and 
uninhibited by their contract, and found out the hard way.  Mr. Geffen 
said "Sure we'll release your weird album.  But we won't put in the 
extra effort to try to sell it to anybody because we don't think it 
will sell".  Thanks a lot.  Now Sloan is considering going back to 
Murderland and being indie again.  Maybe the right choice.