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Re: THIS IS A FLAME - NO SLOAN CONTENT (was Re: motes song)

}> Serious questions: Didn't they have some existence before the contract?  
}> Not even a demo tape?  Was Temple of the Dog originally a Warner (or 
}> whatever label) release, or did it not even come out until after the 
}> singer buddy was dead?
}seattle grunge rock lesson 1:
}mother love bone was this band that has some guys from other seattle 

Shit.  Sorry, I gave the wrong name.  I have both of these at home, but 
Adam's holding them hostage.  And I knew the guy's name was Wood, but 
somehow forgot the Andrew part.  Weird, huh?

}somewhere, but anyways, the tape landed in the hands of eddie vedder, 
}beach bum at large. and he wrote the lyrics to the music "one day when he 
}was surfing".  i kid you not.  vedder moves to seattle, pearl jam get 
}signed right off the bat, a fortune is made.

OK then, anyone who slams PJ as being a commercial construct is entirely 
justified.  But I can still like their music, can't I?  I certainly don't 
rave about them and I haven't paid them any attention since Ten, but I do 
still like the album.  And hey, wouldn't it be cool if Sloan advertised 
their latest release on a Transit bus :)

}> And I still have a fundamental misunderstanding of the whole "indie rock 
}> snob" scene, being an admitted bandwagonesque jumper.  I can accept that a 
}> major label deal means that you are by definition not "alternative".  But 
}> does not being indie really mean that you can't be original or creative?  
}> Can't you produce worthwhile music *and* sell it to the huddled masses?  
}> Isn't it a shame if someone is producing great art but not letting the 
}> world experience it because of some alternative idealism?  If a tree falls 
}> in a forest but only presses 500 copies, nobody hears.  Please discuss in 
}> 100 words or less.
}i agree with you.  the point of the conversation was that pj were trying 
}to establish an image for themselves that was essentially a lie.  by 
}rejecting ticketmaster, ads, videos, etc. after using them for so long 
}makes their claims to punk rock crediblilty seem rather dubious at best.  
}the conversation, as far as i could tell, that i had w/ lorraine had 
}nothing to do with music, it was more about marketing.

So you're saying that PJ want the kids to believe that they were part of 
the long-dead but much revered hip Seattle scene, when in fact they never 
were.  They are, in effect, the Gracebabies :)   Or worse yet, ICU (I 
went to school with those guys.  Bleahh!)

So you're not an indie rock snob?  If {insert favourable major label here} 
offered you a contract that didn't force you to sound like Moist but let 
you keep artistic freedom, you'd take it?
Shit, I must be confusing you with Waye Mason :)  He's the "Indie or Death" 

}> }work.  you broke the rules - if you had something worthwhile to say you 
}> }would've said it to be, instead of plaguing the whole of sloan net with 
}> Try Dristad Dasal Bist, it works for be!
}haha!!  good one ... :)  it took me minute to figure it out, but damn it 
}was funny. :)

Thanks, I try hard!

}hmmmm ... bowing in reverance.  i can see it now.  wanna bet David Pound 
}posts something to the net about this whole thing?

Not unless you break serious Nettiquette and forward this to him.  This 
one was For Your Eyes Only.