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Re: That cat guy is everywhere!


On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Dugas Marc R wrote:
> Red Kelly
> <firmly believes Mr. Pink survived at the end of Reservoir Dogs>

He did, didn't you all see him on Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter??
``I thought you wuz gonna die, mr. kottah, I swear!''

sloan net content - hey kids, want to be rich and famous? Why not write 
for my zine?? I'm looking for stuff related to the east coast scene ;) 
for issue number three and four of JOEY JOEY...number two is coming out 
this week, I swear. If you want to do interviews, artwork, whatever, I'm 
more than happy to see what you have in mind. No salary, just lots of big 
sloppy kisses. :)

sloan net content part two - james you said al tuck did a brave new waves 
session...when is that gonna air? don't tell me I already missed it... 

Hope all you kids have a good time at his show in hfx...specially hugh. :)

tara lee baby