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Re: THIS IS A FLAME - NO SLOAN CONTENT (was Re: motes song)

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:

> I thought Leppers were Def Leppard fans.  Now I'm really confused!
> And Tinny Boppers must be people who listen to 50's rock on $9 AM radios??

i was going to mention that "tinny bopper" thing, but i thought it would 
open up the floodgates to flames on my spelling, which is, as you have 
dutifully noted, rather horrendeuouuos. :)

> }i would hardly say that her love of pj has 
> }ostricized her from the rest of society.
> A process which must involve burying one's head in the sand??

why not?

> }> pier pressure, but this happens to all bands who you like , but get too big.
> }> If some band gives you a strong positive feeling than the music's important.
> Now he brings the Montreal dockworkers strike into it.  Boy is he confused!

again, i woulda said something ...

> Serious questions: Didn't they have some existence before the contract?  
> Not even a demo tape?  Was Temple of the Dog originally a Warner (or 
> whatever label) release, or did it not even come out until after the 
> singer buddy was dead?

seattle grunge rock lesson 1:
mother love bone was this band that has some guys from other seattle 
metal bands in it, they signed a big record deal, and on the eve of 
getting the album released, singer andrew wood od'ed on heroin.  a short 
time later a "tribute" to the late great mr. wood was organised by 
soundgarden's chris cornell.  it featured members of local seattl bands 
soundgarden and pearl jam, both bands had associations with him in the 
past.  pearl jam existed for a brief time in seattle w/ no singer (not 
really a band)  i think jack irons from the RHCP gets thrown in here 
somewhere, but anyways, the tape landed in the hands of eddie vedder, 
beach bum at large. and he wrote the lyrics to the music "one day when he 
was surfing".  i kid you not.  vedder moves to seattle, pearl jam get 
signed right off the bat, a fortune is made.

> And I still have a fundamental misunderstanding of the whole "indie rock 
> snob" scene, being an admitted bandwagonesque jumper.  I can accept that a 
> major label deal means that you are by definition not "alternative".  But 
> does not being indie really mean that you can't be original or creative?  
> Can't you produce worthwhile music *and* sell it to the huddled masses?  
> Isn't it a shame if someone is producing great art but not letting the 
> world experience it because of some alternative idealism?  If a tree falls 
> in a forest but only presses 500 copies, nobody hears.  Please discuss in 
> 100 words or less.

i agree with you.  the point of the conversation was that pj were trying 
to establish an image for themselves that was essentially a lie.  by 
rejecting ticketmaster, ads, videos, etc. after using them for so long 
makes their claims to punk rock crediblilty seem rather dubious at best.  
the conversation, as far as i could tell, that i had w/ lorraine had 
nothing to do with music, it was more about marketing.

> }defeating the evil monster catano.  well jfuck you mr. pound, it didn't 
> Jfuck?  That's a new one!  Please explain!

jfuck: (jay'fuhk) v.  to fuck with a "j".

> }work.  you broke the rules - if you had something worthwhile to say you 
> }would've said it to be, instead of plaguing the whole of sloan net with 
> Try Dristad Dasal Bist, it works for be!

haha!!  good one ... :)  it took me minute to figure it out, but damn it 
was funny. :)

> }>    p.s. I realize I will now be torn apart for some aspect of this letter,
> }>        but I will at least respect their opinion and will not make false
> }>        accusations.
> }could even talk to mr. pound, since it seems he knows exactly what his 
> }girlfriend is thinking.  maybe he even does the thinking for both of 
> }them.  scary...
> No, I suspect that Mr. Pound is not a "straight A student" and is 
> therefore defending his girlfriend because he knows she's smarter than him 
> and thus he worships her intelligence :)

hmmmm ... bowing in reverance.  i can see it now.  wanna bet David Pound 
posts something to the net about this whole thing?

love ya,