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flamin to the oldies

 I'm so sorry to Mr. Catano for getting his hormones all worked up. I was just 
pissed at some generalizations he made of a friend and was spreading without
her knowledge. I could give a shit about the Pearl Jam thing. I just didn't
see how you could call someone dumber than dumb because you don't share
their views. Anyway I'll keep my "juvenille beliefs" to my self.
Oh well at least this whole thing has turned me on to the Motes. Strange
how things work. I swear I'll end this flame right now , even if he calls
me a "big old meanie".
         What I would really like to know is what are the Spine tour dates
for their Maritime tour in April. Also is the single out yet and where
can i get it. I'd love to see spine play my home town. It'd be like the 
Twilight Zone to see Spine's name on the sign, since the bar mostly has
shitty cover bands.