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THIS IS A FLAME - NO SLOAN CONTENT (was Re: motes song)

sorry to waste your time, feareless sloan netter, but somethings deserve 

first of all i would like to point out that the conversation between 
myself and Mr. Pound started in PRIVATE MAIL.  where i come from, ,mr. 
pound, private mail stays private.  the mere fact that you decided to 
"expose me" for thinking your girlfriend is a bubblehead says a lot 
about you.  i am forced to ask myself what ever possesed you to do this 
stupidstupidstupid thing.  but we'll talk more about that later...

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, DAVID POUND wrote:

> In reference to Mike Cantano's letter about the girl he argues with
> at the first of the Motes song. It's funny you wrote me and

is the "you" in question ME?  i am not the whole of sloan net, you know 
(no matter what david ledden says ;)  )

> said she was dumber than belief because I know her quite well since
> she happens to be my girlfriend. She is a straight A student who

so she gets good grades.  big deal.  i think everyone on this list can 
name a whole lot of people who get good grades and don't know anything 
about anyone.  it means nothing.  

> believes quite strongly in her belief, mind you these beliefs are not
> always shared by everyone(does this signify stupidity?). I realize

are you trying to say your girlfriend has strong convictions?  again, i 
am kind of lost...

> she should not have wrongly accused you of ever being a Pearl Jam fan
> but she was commenting more on how it so cool and cliched  to shoot
> them down now adays that it just gets tiring. She is a Pearl Jam fan

maybe your girlfriend would be a better authority on "what she was trying 
to say" than you would be.  why are you telling me what she thinks?  are 
you that big a macho, over-protective lunkhead that you have to run to 
your girlfriends defense at the first sound of trouble?  maybe she is 
quite capable of telling me what she was trying to say, and i think she 
did that weeks ago on the radio.  if she wanted to continue the debate 
she can do it with me personally, she knows where to find me.  if she 
doesn't think that this little business needs anymore discussion (which i 
would assume she doesn't - since she is not the one who wrote the letter) 
it should probably just be layed to rest.  i don't think she needs you 
charging in on your white steed to save her from mr. Big Nasty Radio Man. 
(that would be me =)  )

> who liked them for the music and not because she is some stupid tinny
> bopper, but now to be a Pearl Jam fan, you get treated worse than
> being a lepper. It is so tempting to denie you liked them because of

yeah a lepper colony with millions and millions of leppers.  at least 
she's got friends to play with.  pearl jam is one of the most popular 
alternarenarock bands in the world.  they sell millions of albums and 
tour the world over and over.  i would hardly say that her love of pj has 
ostricized her from the rest of society.

> pier pressure, but this happens to all bands who you like , but get too big.
> If some band gives you a strong positive feeling than the music's important.

since when were pearl jam not a corporate rock band???  since when were 
they not huge and popular?  i wouldn't think that they are any more or 
less popular or commercial than they were four years (?) ago when that 
shitty blues rock extravaganza that was "ten" came out.  they have always 
been and always will be a corporate rock band - their fates are sealed.  
the only people who really believe that pj were ever NOT a sell-out band 
are the little kids to whom eddie vedder was their first exposure to 
anything even remotely resembling "alternative music".  they managed to 
jump onto the seattle bandwagon and rode it to the hilt, all the while 
convincing a genberation of youth that putting out your first album on 
warner bros. internationally was a really fucking punk rock thing to do.  
it's a sham, they are a crassly and masterfully marketed product - one 
that has sold millions of units all over the world.  thanks to suckers 
like you.

> It doesn't matter who the band is. I realize the "scene's" main cohesion
> is do to the fact that there are styles and bands that are cool at the
> moment and knowing these bands gives you status, but thats not what it

pearl jam were never "cool" in the elitest indie way i think you are 
implying it.  unless you consider "spin" magazine and "rolling stone" as 
really alternative sources of music news (guffaw!).  

> should be about. Anyway I didn't write this to start a flame or cause
> any shit, I just thought I'd clarify a statement that was made that was
> wrong.

that is a big load of bull shit.  the only reason you wrote this was to 
pump up your pitiful male ego, so you could show off to young lorraine by 
defeating the evil monster catano.  well jfuck you mr. pound, it didn't 
work.  you broke the rules - if you had something worthwhile to say you 
would've said it to be, instead of plaguing the whole of sloan net with 
the witless juvenile ranting.  i'm sorry to have dignified it with a 
response, but the fact that you had the sheer audacity to take a private 
thread of e-mail to the list has offended me to no end.

>    p.s. I realize I will now be torn apart for some aspect of this letter,
>        but I will at least respect their opinion and will not make false
>        accusations.

no false accusations were made by myself.  if anyone really cares what 
the hell went on (i assume no one does so i won't bother with telling 
you) they can send me some PRIVATE mail, and i will fill them in.  they 
could even talk to mr. pound, since it seems he knows exactly what his 
girlfriend is thinking.  maybe he even does the thinking for both of 
them.  scary...

>        Sorry if this letter had no sloannet content, but I had to write it.

don't lie, no one put a gun to your head.  the inly thing compelling you 
to get involved in something that you had no business getting involved 
with was your stupid little ego.  


ps - if your friend lorraine has any desire to ever think for herself and 
not let her "man" be her mouthpeice, she's more than welcome to call me.  
i have some nice bikini kill records she could borrow.

who loves ya', baby?
mike does!!

ps - tlw, this one's for you!