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Re: THIS IS A FLAME - NO SLOAN CONTENT (was Re: motes song)

Hee Hee! I couldn't be bothered to post this to everyone.

}first of all i would like to point out that the conversation between 
}myself and Mr. Pound started in PRIVATE MAIL.  where i come from, ,mr. 
}pound, private mail stays private.

OK, you have permission to shred him.

}> believes quite strongly in her belief, mind you these beliefs are not
}> always shared by everyone(does this signify stupidity?). I realize
}are you trying to say your girlfriend has strong convictions?  again, i 
}am kind of lost...

I was too.  To believe that someone could use the word believe or 
variations on the word belief so many times in a sentence is beyond my 
belief, I believe.

}> who liked them for the music and not because she is some stupid tinny
}> bopper, but now to be a Pearl Jam fan, you get treated worse than
}> being a lepper. It is so tempting to denie you liked them because of
}yeah a lepper colony with millions and millions of leppers.

I thought Leppers were Def Leppard fans.  Now I'm really confused!
And Tinny Boppers must be people who listen to 50's rock on $9 AM radios??

}i would hardly say that her love of pj has 
}ostricized her from the rest of society.

A process which must involve burying one's head in the sand??

}> pier pressure, but this happens to all bands who you like , but get too big.
}> If some band gives you a strong positive feeling than the music's important.

Now he brings the Montreal dockworkers strike into it.  Boy is he confused!

}since when were pearl jam not a corporate rock band???  since when were 
}they not huge and popular?  i wouldn't think that they are any more or 
}less popular or commercial than they were four years (?) ago when that 
}shitty blues rock extravaganza that was "ten" came out.

Serious questions: Didn't they have some existence before the contract?  
Not even a demo tape?  Was Temple of the Dog originally a Warner (or 
whatever label) release, or did it not even come out until after the 
singer buddy was dead?

And I still have a fundamental misunderstanding of the whole "indie rock 
snob" scene, being an admitted bandwagonesque jumper.  I can accept that a 
major label deal means that you are by definition not "alternative".  But 
does not being indie really mean that you can't be original or creative?  
Can't you produce worthwhile music *and* sell it to the huddled masses?  
Isn't it a shame if someone is producing great art but not letting the 
world experience it because of some alternative idealism?  If a tree falls 
in a forest but only presses 500 copies, nobody hears.  Please discuss in 
100 words or less.

}defeating the evil monster catano.  well jfuck you mr. pound, it didn't 

Jfuck?  That's a new one!  Please explain!

}work.  you broke the rules - if you had something worthwhile to say you 
}would've said it to be, instead of plaguing the whole of sloan net with 

Try Dristad Dasal Bist, it works for be!

}>    p.s. I realize I will now be torn apart for some aspect of this letter,
}>        but I will at least respect their opinion and will not make false
}>        accusations.

}could even talk to mr. pound, since it seems he knows exactly what his 
}girlfriend is thinking.  maybe he even does the thinking for both of 
}them.  scary...

No, I suspect that Mr. Pound is not a "straight A student" and is 
therefore defending his girlfriend because he knows she's smarter than him 
and thus he worships her intelligence :)

}don't lie, no one put a gun to your head. 

Yet :)