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Slacker Babbath

Warren Rodericks <wlroderi\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca> reports:

}On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, James R. Covey wrote:
}> - jale did a nightlines session, five songs including four covers.
}>   they did covers of jesus lizard and black sabbath.  i kid you not.
}When jale played the Opera House, we were right up front and my friend 
}(Tony) yelled/requested some Sabbath (as he does at EVERY show) but 
}didn't expect a response. To his surprise, though, Laura said "which song?".
}Tony was so shocked that someone listened to him that he just froze up 
}and didn't answer. 

"Ya lost me.  Now, this guy Tony, is it the same guy, or a different guy?
You're not a very good story teller!"--- Bruce McCulloch

James, can you tell us what song they did play, and what others one may 
speculate that jale could have in their repertoire?