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of interest to les AMIS du sloan kids...

All right rockers.... :)

We've been collecting replies from you musician types for the last few 
weeks and now, the list is (I think...) complete. Everyone on this list 
has expressed an interest in covering a sloan song, doing a song *about* 
sloan, or playing music that in some weird and obscure way ;) relates to 

We have to split up this list between the two of us (Tara da Costa, who 
will often be referred to as tdc, and myself) and so we just need a quick 
reply from someone from each group (or whatever) confirming that YES 
absolutely you are going to be on this tape. We have received so many
replies we might even have to do a third volume...The tentative release
date for this project will be mid to late summer. 
We think... ;)

Since I am the one who has to do the splitting up, please email me with 
your reply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! :)                             ^^

For those of you who don't already know, this project has received the 
official stamp of approval from murderecords and sloan. So none of us are 
going to get sued. :) To hell with dgc ;)

Here's the list....(I apologize for using bandnames in some cases, names 
of people in others, but oh well...)

- Gaze (band) BC
- Cindy (band) ON
- Fouret String Quartet (band) ON
- State Champs (band) NS
- b^ehl (band) MA
- Steaming toolie (band) NB 
- Umbrella Tree (band) NS
- Eleven of the Most (band) (oh no, I forget where! sorry)
- curmudgeon (band) NS
- Yellow Label (band) um...ON
- Wonderwoman (band) Washington State
- Phan (band) Washington State
- Hitchiked (band) ON, the nation's capital
- Galapagos Raygun (band) AB
- The Anti-Catano Ensemble ;) (just a joke.... :) :) ) Illinois
- Dave from Richmond (a person!) Virginia
- Shant, Katrina, Adam (people...) NS
- Warren Rodericks (a guy!) ON
- Yan Raymond and friends (a barlowesque kinda guy.... :) )  PQ
- Jeremy Schultz ON
- Heather H. and Katrina (two great girls) NS
- R. Reynolds (a person) ON I think....
- Hua (another person!) California
- Tom Sessler in New York... (yes...)
- Christine, who knows who she is (but I don't know where she is..oops)
- Jeff Cassin (a guy) ON
- Brent Bambury Event Horizon (hey are YOU (paranoid one) doing 
both of these or just one???)
- there are about three other things going on here, but they are SECRET.

Anyways, just confirm that you are SERIOUS and can have your song 
recorded sometime this spring. I promise to get back to each and everyone 
of you.

Again, apologies to anyone not directly involved in this project, if you 
are not interested in reading this stuff, I can help you out. I will 
always use the subject LES AMIS DU SLOAN, ok?? :) :)

Thanks you all for making this work so far..

``Gonna be good times'' - chris da man murphy

It is, you know. :) :) :) :)


ps/ if you haven't signed up for this and are very crushed that your 
fabulous band can't be on, don't fret, just email me and we'll see what 
we can do. As if I can turn down someone who wants to cover sloan!! :)

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