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send yr stuff

hi kids :)

we are starting to brainstorm for ffiction#3 and we want your stuff!
if anyone wants to contribute anything (especially sloan/eastcoast related)
e-mail me and send it right along to
1501 roberval ave.
orleans, ont.
k4a 2c4

send stories, interviews, reviews, pictures, artwork, poems, recipies,
whatever..you get the picture.
deadline: i'd like the stuff by the first week of april or so..

for all you les amis du sloan kids:
thanks for your interest & involvement! we have a whopping 26 or so
artists in on this so far. :) we are planning to actually get the tapes
made at a company so im thinking we might even put the whole thing out
with the summer issues of the zines. this means there isnt really a hurry
to send the stuff in.  but april would be nice.. try not to scald your
hands or anything ;) in the meantime...

we will be splitting up the bands for the two volumes...and tara lee will
post with who's on which tape and with both of the addresses.

remember there is no cost to be on this comp. but you have to buy the
zine/tape  thingy if ya want it (ie: no freebies) or else we'll lose our
shirts. i was thinking of asking for 5$ (maybe 4) for the whole shebang
(thats including tape, zine, and postage for it all...)

thanks for listening/reading/whatever...je t'aime.

love tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom