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motes song

In reference to Mike Cantano's letter about the girl he argues with
at the first of the Motes song. It's funny you wrote me and
said she was dumber than belief because I know her quite well since
she happens to be my girlfriend. She is a straight A student who
believes quite strongly in her belief, mind you these beliefs are not
always shared by everyone(does this signify stupidity?). I realize
she should not have wrongly accused you of ever being a Pearl Jam fan
but she was commenting more on how it so cool and cliched  to shoot
them down now adays that it just gets tiring. She is a Pearl Jam fan
who liked them for the music and not because she is some stupid tinny
bopper, but now to be a Pearl Jam fan, you get treated worse than
being a lepper. It is so tempting to denie you liked them because of
pier pressure, but this happens to all bands who you like , but get too big.
If some band gives you a strong positive feeling than the music's important.
It doesn't matter who the band is. I realize the "scene's" main cohesion
is do to the fact that there are styles and bands that are cool at the
moment and knowing these bands gives you status, but thats not what it
should be about. Anyway I didn't write this to start a flame or cause
any shit, I just thought I'd clarify a statement that was made that was

   p.s. I realize I will now be torn apart for some aspect of this letter,
       but I will at least respect their opinion and will not make false
       Sorry if this letter had no sloannet content, but I had to write it.