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Re: and the new mucheast veejay should be...

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> informs us:
}Subject:        and the new mucheast veejay should be...
}Matt Murphy!!! :)
}Not only is he `in' the scene ;) (`cause I know he loves when people say 
}that...), but *gasp* he's got a Bachelor of Journalism from King's. That 
}CBC freelancing job can't be as glamorous as working for MUCH would be...

Gee, and I thought he interviewed George Fox just for fun.  I didn't know 
he was actually "qualified".  Well then, it's settled, let's bombard 
\!/muchmusic.com with Matt (Guitar) Murphy for VJ requests.

}Perhaps Lil Orton would consider, if Matt isn't available. ;)

Nah, we'll submit Hoggett's name for "Outlaws and Heroes" :)

Can anyone else out there vouch for a good local female candidate?  We 
still have this inappropriate male bias, especially when we count Matt 
and his alter ego twice :)