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Re: mucheast

> }my gripe:  with the wealth of TV/folm people in the maritimes (eg, mike 
> }clattenburg, steve comeau, michael andreas kuttner, john dunsworth, etc, 
> }etc ad nauseum) why on earth does MM/CTYTV feel the need to add YET 
> }another upper canadian to the mix?  why not go local - someone who would 
> }already be in touch w/ the scene.
> Did anyone ever get the impression that Mike & Mike learned anything 
> about Canada from their "X-Canada Adventures" show or were they just goofs 
> enjoying the travel expenses.

I think Campbell is from NS...or has NS roots.  I think he went to
Acadia (from one M&M show), and I know he married a girl from 
Halifax...this was in the Mail Star a couple years ago.  That is
why he relocated to Halifax, and probably the sole reason there is
a Much East  (purely speculation on my part).  

Again...I agree With Mike Catano (geez...way to many Mikes in the
picture now) that we don't need another Upper Canadian telling us
about the cool music on the East Coast... (No I'm not a U.C.!) 

Also...about complaints about the subtitling of bands featured
on Much East.  I think that the show is actually put together in
Toronto, and Mike just sends the footage.  So, the person putting
it together in TO probably has no idea of who is performing.  That
would also explain the skrewup with the Stinkin' Rich segment a 
few weeks ago.

All in all though...any exposure of the East coast scene, is good
exposure...and think it could be a lot worse...they could be 
featuring traditional groups every week.  So far, I've seen at
least one alterna/indie band on the show each week.  That's the
best ratio/hour of any much show...