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Re: spine on muchmusic

Emily Vey Duke <af408\!/cfn.cs.dal.ca> noted:

}fuckin boys boys boys.  I have to tell you that women are smarter and 
}more interesting and that a woman would be vastly more succesfull as Much 
}East host (ie Jen Budney, Lana from Mars we love you, Laura Borealis if 
}she would quit her stint as an expatriot, Alison Outhit, Alison from 
}Jale, Shelley from decent management, Amanda from plumtree, Siloen Daley, 
}etc etc)  

Well, I'm afraid I don't know half the names on this list, but I will say 
that Alison Outhit would be a great choice (especially since she can't 
seem to find a use for that expensive law degree).  Laura certainly has 
the artistic abilities but I know little of her journalistic talents.  
The other Allison strikes me as too shy, but I don't know her so I say 
this with a grain of salt.

In fact I'd add Anna Dirksen from Street Cents and Mike Clattenburg's co-
host on That Damn Cable Show (sorry, it's been a few years and her name 
escapes me) to the list.

I guess I just am super sick of having so much fucking 
}territory in MY world, not just the world of, like, medicine or high 
}finance or science and technology,marked off as not where I can go easily 
}or succeed as a woman.

Whoa!  I think you're jumping to a big conclusion there.  It's unfortunate 
that there were no women on Mr. Catano's list but I don't think he 
deliberately discriminated.  Perhaps he was drawing from a group that is 
unfortunately skewed to the male side but that's not his fault.  I don't 
deny that these artificial barriers exist but I don't think that one was 
being raised here.